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Год/Дата Выпуска: 2017

Версия программы: R2017b (

Разрядность Windows: 64bit

Язык интерфейса: Английский

Лицензионные условия: Лечение присутствует

Размер .torrent: 11.5 GB

MATLAB – это высокоуровневый язык технических расчетов, интерактивная среда разработки алгоритмов и современный инструмент анализа данных. MATLAB по сравнению с традиционными языками программирования (C/C++, Java, Pascal, FORTRAN) позволяет на порядок сократить время решения типовых задач и значительно упрощает разработку новых алгоритмов. Matlab представляет собой основу всего семейства продуктов MathWorks и является главным инструментом для решения широкого спектра научных и прикладных задач, в таких областях как: моделирование объектов и разработка систем управления, проектирование коммуникационных систем, обработка сигналов и изображений, измерение сигналов и тестирование, финансовое моделирование, вычислительная биология и др.

Ядро MATLAB позволяет максимально просто работать с матрицами реальных, комплексных и аналитических типов данных. Содержит встроенные функции линейной алгебры (LAPACK, BLAS), быстрого Фурье преобразования (FFTW), функции для работы с полиномами, функции базовой статистики и численного решения дифференциальных уравнений. Все встроенные функции ядра MATLAB разработаны и оптимизированы специалистами и работают быстрее или так же, как их эквивалент на C/C++.

Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7 Service Pack 1
Any Intel or AMD x86-64 processor
With Polyspace, 4 cores is recommended
Disk Space
2 GB for MATLAB only, 4–6 GB for a typical installation
2 GB
With Simulink, 4 GB is recommended
With Polyspace, 4 GB per core is recommended
No specific graphics card is required.
Hardware accelerated graphics card supporting OpenGL 3.3 with 1GB GPU memory is recommended.

Live Editor: Write MATLAB commands with automated, contextual hints for arguments, property values, and alternative syntaxes
Live Editor: Export live scripts to LaTeX format
Live Editor: Display high-resolution plots in PDF output
Live Editor: Horizontally align text, equations, and images
Documentation: Use the Live Editor in a web browser to open, edit, and run MATLAB online documentation examples
MATLAB Drive: Store, access, and manage your files from anywhere
Add-On Manager: Customize your MATLAB environment by enabling and disabling add-ons
Add-On Manager: Find installed add-ons faster using sort and search
Toolbox Packaging: Create a Getting Started Guide for your toolbox from a Live Script template
Toolbox Packaging: Share your toolbox on File Exchange directly when you package it

Language and Programming
Code Compatibility Report: Generate a report that helps the updating of code to a newer MATLAB release

decomposition Object: Solve linear systems repeatedly with improved performance
lsqminnorm Function: Find minimum-norm solution of underdetermined linear system
dissect Function: Reorder sparse matrix columns using nested dissection ordering
vecnorm Function: Compute vector-wise norms of arrays
polyshape Object: Create, analyze, and visualize 2-D polygons

geobubble Function: Create an interactive map with bubbles whose size and color vary with data values
wordcloud Function: Display words at different sizes based on frequency or custom size data
binscatter Function: Visualize data density with dynamic bin size adjustment
Tall Array Support: Visualize out-of-memory data using plot, scatter, and binscatter
heatmap Function: Sort rows and columns and use custom labels in a heatmap
bar Function: Control individual bar colors

Data Import and Export
Custom Datastore: Build a customized datastore
datastore Function: Work with data stored in Windows Azure Blob Storage

Data Analysis
ischange Function: Detect abrupt changes in data
islocalmin and islocalmax Functions: Detect local minima and maxima in data
rescale Function: Scale data to a specified range
tall Arrays: Operate on tall arrays with more functions, including fillmissing, filter, median, polyfit, and synchronize
timetable Data Container: Specify whether each variable in a timetable contains continuous or discrete data using the VariableContinuity property

App Building
App Designer: Create apps with a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D plots
App Designer: Add menus to an app from the Component Library
App Designer: Specify input arguments when running an app
App Designer: Add a summary, description, and screenshot for app packaging and compiling
uitree and uitreenode Functions: Create trees and tree nodes in apps
uiconfirm Function: Create modal in-app confirmation dialog boxes
Toolbox Packaging: Add App Designer apps to the Apps Gallery upon toolbox installation
MATLAB Online: Run App Designer apps in MATLAB Online

App Designer: Load apps faster
Execution Engine: Improved performance for vectorized math on CPUs with AVX2
Live Editor: Run live scripts with loops faster

Hardware Support
Arduino: Wirelessly connect to Arduino boards using low-cost Bluetooth adaptors
Arduino Setup UI: Set up a connection to your Arduino board over USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi
Arduino Plug-In Detection: Discover available Arduino support and examples when plugging a compatible Arduino board

Advanced Software Development
MATLAB Engine API for C++: Run MATLAB code from C++ programs with object-oriented programming support and asynchronous execution
MATLAB Engine API for C++: Pass data between C++ programs and MATLAB using MATLAB Data Array
Java SE 8: MATLAB support, providing improved security and access to new Java features
MinGW 5.3: MATLAB support
Microsoft Visual Studio 2017: MATLAB support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community, Professional, and Enterprise editions
Python Version 3.6: MATLAB support
MATLAB Handle class method: Add a listener for an event without binding the listener to the source object
Unit Testing Framework: Provide code coverage reports in the Cobertura format for improved continuous integration workflows

1) standalone:
- Install choosing the option "Use a File Installation Key" and supply the following FIK
- To install Matlab Production Server,using this
- Use license_standalone.lic to activate,
or make a "licenses" folder in %installdir% and copy license_standalone.lic to it,and run matlab without activation
- after the installation finishes copy the folders to %installdir%
2) floating license (network license server):
- Install choosing the option "Use a File Installation Key" and supply the following FIK
- To install Matlab Production Server,using this
- Use license_server.lic when asked
- after the installation finishes copy the folders to %installdir%

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